Meet our employees

Our talent goals

  • Attract, hire, and retain the best candidates to meet our organizational objectives while maintaining the high standards of service expected by our community
  • Attract and retaine a diverse staff skilled at working in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and the public

Our innovative teams:

  • Drive greater engagement
  • Enhance creativity and productivity
  • Provide exceptional public services and programs

Hiring principles to support our talent goals

  • Our hiring process is transparent, open, and equitable for all candidates
  • We value candidates who reflect the diversity of our community
  • We support the integrity of our hiring process with specific policies related to employment, the hiring of relatives, and health and safety regulations

We celebrate ongoing career development and support employees on their career paths as they improve their knowledge and skills. It's good for everyone: our employees advance their careers and Vancouver's businesses, residents, and visitors receive a higher quality of service.

We view ongoing learning as a partnership between our organization, managers, and employees. With that support, employees discover the wide range of possibilities within the City.

Building a city we love

It takes everyone’s help to build a great city that we love. 

Gain insight into our employees' roles: Watch videos showing the daily activities of some of our employees