Equity, diversity, and inclusion

Do you want to make a difference in the community? Join us! We welcome diversity, value differences, and foster inclusion.

We are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse staff skilled at working in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and the public. Our innovative teams drive greater engagement, enhanced creativity and productivity, and exceptional public services and programs. Learn about how we are working hard to ensure our activities support fairness, equity, and access for all.

Equity Office

  • Provides leadership, coordination, monitoring, and advisory supports to advance diversity, inclusion, decolonization, and anti-oppression within the City of Vancouver
  • Acts as an expertise hub and drives strategic change initiatives to shift our internal structures and workplace culture in the direction of equity
  • Reverses marginalization as its core purpose
  • Works at the systemic level on behalf of those who have been institutionally excluded
  • Supports us with visioning, planning, and tracking progress toward equity goals
  • Supports our departments and leaders to identify opportunities for, and advance changes to policies, processes, and programs to support systemic changes toward equity
  • Provides one-on-one advice to staff experiencing discrimination or dealing with issues of identity in the workplace.
  • Facilitates the creation and coordination of Employee Resource Groups to create identity-safe spaces for mutual support, community building, and exchange of ideas


We are committed to reconciliation, equity, diversity, inclusion, and the full participation of all people in the economic, cultural, social, and political life of the community. We actively take part in a number of actions toward the realization of these commitments. Learn more about the actions we are taking to advance equity and counter racism, how to get involved, and find resources.

Accessible city

A commitment to removing barriers that keep people from fully enjoying Vancouver.


We recognize our systemic foundation in colonialism, white supremacy, and racism.

To effect change, these roots need to be critically analyzed. We're examining our role in the ongoing marginalization of Indigenous, Black, and other racialized communities and are committed to reconciliation and change.

2SLGBTQ+ community

Vancouver is home to the largest Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender diverse, and queer community in Western Canada. Every year, the Mayor proclaims the last week of July into the first week of August as Pride Week to show support for this diverse and vibrant community.

Racial and ethnocultural equity

Vancouver is a mix of different religions, ethnicities, and cultural groups from all over the world, and Canada's Indigenous communities. Staff and Council value this diversity because it's a source of the city's strength, vitality, and prosperity.

We offer a wide range of programs and support to make sure that all of our citizens – regardless of background – have complete access to civic services and live free of prejudice and discrimination.