Hiring process

We are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce representing the community we proudly serve. Indigenous applicants, people of colour, all genders, LGBT2Q+, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. 

  • We can provide accommodations during the selection process when requested. 
  • Apply to be considered for exciting and impactful career opportunities. 
  • To discuss any additional needs, email recruitment@vancouver.ca

Application process

Before submitting application

Review the job posting carefully to make sure you have the relevant skills and experience, as only qualified applicants are considered. 

You can apply for more than one position at a time if multiple positions match your qualifications and interests.

When applying

You will need to:

  • Create a candidate profile
  • Complete some application questions to help us get to know you better

Note: Make sure to give yourself enough time to complete the process.

After submitting application

You will receive an automated notification to confirm receipt of your application. 

  • If short-listed for a position: We will contact you to move forward to the next step.
  • If not selected for a specific posting: Continue applying for future positions matching your qualifications and interests.

Note: We can receive 100 plus resumes per posting. Depending on the role, we may need to provide preference to internal applicants first. We treat each competition independently and encourage you to keep applying should your skillset be a match for the role.

Interview process

Shortlisted for a position

If shortlisted, there will be an interview process. It may consist of multiple rounds of interviews and start with a phone screen. You may be selected for an interview after the phone screen. We will contact you directly to set it up. 

Most positions require a minimum of 2 touch points: 

  • The phone screen
  • In-person or virtual interview with the hiring panel

For some roles, a second or third interview will be required. The purpose of this is to:

  • Get to learn more about you
  • Introduce you to other senior leaders
  • Have you present an assignment or work portfolio
  • Give you an opportunity to discuss your potential career path at the City of Vancouver

The interview process can vary, but we will always inform you ahead of time so you know what is coming next and have time to prepare. 

Note: Some positions may require technical testing to assess minimum qualifications, which will be built into the timeline.

Offer of employment

If you are a successful applicant, we may be required to conduct any criminal, credit, and reference checks the position requires. After completing these checks, we will present an offer of employment. 

Note: Some positions may require additional verifications or testing before your start date. If so, we will let you know about these requirements ahead of time.


When you have accepted and signed your offer of employment, the recruiter will make sure that you and the hiring manager connect directly by phone or email. 

The hiring manager will:

  • Be your main point of contact
  • Provide details about your first day and advise of any required documents you need to bring
  • Provide you with your onboarding and orientation.

Note: Be sure to reach out to the hiring manager directly for any questions.