Employee Resource Groups

The City of Vancouver’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together employees who share a common identity and experiences. Employee Resource Groups support a culture of inclusion and further our organization’s for an inclusive and welcoming work environment.


What are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)?

Employee resource groups:

  • are voluntary, employee-led groups that come together around shared identities and experiences
  • provide spaces where employees from marginalized groups can come together for social connection, sense of community, networking, and mutual support
  • formalize the connection between City’s leadership and staff from marginalized groups, building relationships and channels for two-way exchange and co-creation of solutions
  • foster inclusive and supportive work environments
  • advance equity and decolonization within the workplace


ERGs first emerged in workplaces after the 1960s race riots in the US. They were spread around the world by way of multinational corporations. ERGs are now common in many Canadian organizations, including municipal governments. They go by many names including affinity groups or diversity networks. ERGs are recognized as a best practice to support a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Employee Resource Groups at the City of Vancouver (listed alphabetically):

  • Black Staff
  • Caregivers
  • Employees with Disabilities
  • IBPOC Connect
  • Indigenous Staff
  • Korean Staff
  • Muslim Staff
  • Queer Change Makers
  • QTBIPOC Network
  • Trans, Gender diverse and Non-binary Employees
  • Women in Operations
  • Women in STEM
  • Women Planning in Colour

If you are a City of Vancouver employee who shares an identity with one of these groups and you want to join, contact equityoffice@vancouver.ca.

Benefits to staff

  • A place to be yourself at work, to be understood and problem solve common challenges
  • Exposure and visibility to City leadership and channel for elevating ideas from the margins
  • Leadership development, new sets of skills and knowledge
  • Opportunity to network, find mentors and mentor others
  • Opportunity to positively impact your work environment


Benefits to City

  • Sense of belonging and community among staff, with positive mental health outcomes
  • Empowerment and employee engagement, resulting in retention of under-represented groups
  • Organic identification of internal talent and channels for developing diverse leaders
  • Interdepartmental networks of connection and the breaking down of silos
  • Infrastructure for timely outreach to specific groups of staff to access innovative ideas, community networks, and knowledge grounded in relevant lived experiences.

Why work with us?

Why work with us?

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